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Welcome to the Divinity subject guide - your guide to using the library resources, services and facilities for your subject.

New Library resources for Divinity

This page highlights new larger digital items and subscriptions acquired in 2021/2022 which were requested by, or are relevant to, the School of Divinity.

The Academic Support Librarian for Divinity is Christine Love-Rodgers.

The Academic Library Representative for Divinity in 2022/2023 is Dr Simon Burton

We work in partnership with the CAHSS College Library & Information Strategy Committee.

Requests for new library purchases are also discussed at Divinity Library & IT Committee, which has meetings twice a year.

New databases


Centre for Research Collections New Acquisitions Highlight

The following items is selected from CRC Annual Acquisitions Highlights 2021

Buddhist Conceptual Map of the World

Zuda Rokashi, Nansenbushuu Bankoku Shoka No Zu, 1710; Map.S.68

This is the first Japanese map of the world to include Europe and America, from a Buddhist cosmological perspective. It shows a mixture of geographical and mythological information: centred on India, the world is shown as a single landmass, with a few outlying islands. India and China are recognisable, with many place names, and the Himalayas identifiable in the centre. Mythologically, at the very centre of the map is a spiral showing the meeting of the four sacred rivers: the Indus, the Ganges, the Bramaputra, and the Sutlej – the site where the Buddha was legendarily conceived. Europe and America appear right at the edges of the map, as islands.

This map was compiled from many earlier Buddhist sources, and by making selective use of some European maps, which had reached Japan. Its influence was enormous; it formed the basis of the Japanese world view until well into the 19th century.

New journals

Library subject guide for Divinity

You can explore the Library Subject Guide to find out about the full range of library resources supporting Divinity subject areas.