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Exams and Revision

How to get the most out of the Library and other University support for revising for and taking exams

Library Services Update 2020-21

This page contains current information on library closures, loans and fines, support for online learning, online access to teaching resources and how to get further help.


woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytimeThis guide contains key information about the following topics: 

Past exam papers

Exams guidance and updates

Digital Safety and Citizenship

Learn more about digital safety and citizenship and how these issues impact you as a member of the University of Edinburgh community. Find curated resources to help keep you safe and secure while engaging online.

Getting Help


The most important thing right now is your wellbeing. Please make sure you're taking as good care of yourself as possible, and consider some of the resources below.

Escape your exams

cup of tea placed ontop a bookWe've put together some resources from the Library that you might find helpful when trying to unwind during this stressful time.

Listen to music 

Bored of Spotify, iTunes, whatever music streaming service you normally use? Did you know through the Library you have access to databases that allow you to listen to millions of songs from pop and rock to classical music, from operatic arias to alternative dance?

Visit our museum and art collections

While it may not be possible right now to physically visit a museum or gallery, you can still do a lot of exploring of collections online.

Google Arts and Culture allows you to virtually explore around 500 museums and galleries across the world, includes our very own National Museum of Scotland.

Enjoy a film or drama performance

Does it feel like you've completed Netflix? Amazon Prime not feeling so amazing anymore? You can access a wide range of TV programmes, documentaries, films, drama and theatre performances through the Library.

Read some fiction

Forgotten what it feels like to read for pleasure? Some of these databases may help you rediscover that feeling.

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Much of the content in this guide is taken from or inspired by the University of Newcastle's Exams LibGuide and the University of Reading's e-books guide.

Image credits

Woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime by on Unsplash under CC0 license

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This Guide to Learning Resources for MicroMasters by Lauren Smith at the University of Edinburgh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.