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Current newspapers and news sources

The databases on this page will let you search for and access current newspaper and magazine content, that the Library has access to. However, many of these databases will also provide some archival content as well. 

Note that current newspaper databases often do not retain formatting and layout from the original newspaper. And some content may not be available e.g. photographs, illustrations, freelance articles, advertisements, etc.

If you want to view an A-Z list of all newspaper and magazine databases you can: Newspapers & Magazines A-Z.

Key databases

These databases allow you to cross-search through a vast range of newspapers and news sources, both from the UK and globally. National and regional, broadsheet and tabloid papers are covered, as well as many news websites and news agencies. A number of titles included have full text available from the 1980s/90s onwards. 


Primarily a business news and information service it contains more than 35,000 authoritative sources including a large range of UK and overseas newspapers, both broadsheet and tabloid, national and regional. As well as news websites and news agencies. Content by freelance writers, some features and supplements may not be available. Click on the info icon next to each publication for coverage information and update schedules. 



Access to over 23,000 UK and international news and business sources, financial and market reports, biographical data and thousands of legal and regulatory services. Includes a large range of UK and overseas newspapers, both broadsheet and tabloid, national and regional. As well as some news websites and news agencies.

Once you've accessed Nexis, click on "News" to be able to search the newspapers. Alternatively, you can use the "Power Search" option.

If you're interested in just UK titles then you can access Lexis+ UK instead. From the same providers it focuses on UK newspapers. Once you access Lexis+ UK make sure you choose "Newspapers" under Content (if you choose "News" this will just search legal news sources).

Gale OneFile: News

Gale OneFile: News (formerly known as Infotrac Newsstand) provides full-text access to more than 2,300 world national and regional newspapers. Includes information about the contents of other titles. Also, sources of images, radio and TV broadcasts and transcripts are included.



Europresse provides access to over 61,000 sources including journals, newspapers, blogs, and magazines. Coverage is international with many of the publications included available in their original language and layout. The database includes numerous European national newspapers such as Le Monde, Libération and Le Figaro, along with regional newspapers. English language titles such as The Guardian and The New York Times are also available. Thematically, Europresse titles cover the Humanities and Social Sciences, Politics, Law, Economics, Finance, Science, Environment, IT, Transports, Industry, Energy, Agriculture, Arts and culture (Lire, Le Magazine littéraire, World Literature Today, Télérama, Rock and Folk…), Health, and event Sports (L’Équipe, France Football, Sport 24…). It also includes some TV and radio transcripts, biographies and reports, images, audio and video content.

Note that while vast amounts of content is available through these databases, some content is missing. Due to copyright reasons these databases usually don't include photographs, illustrations, etc, and some freelance material. Sections such as classifieds, obituaries, etc., are generally not included as well.

Some more useful databases for current news

Print and microfilm newspapers

Recent editions of some daily UK and overseas newspapers are kept on the 4th floor, Main Library. You can read these in the Library.

UK titles The Guardian, The Herald, The Scotsman, The Times
Overseas titles Frankfurter Allegemeine, International New York Times, Le Monde, Die Zeit
Also available

Times Education Supplement, Times Higher Education Supplement, Times Literary Supplement

The Library also holds The Scotsman on microfilm from 1962-present (some older editions are also available on microfilm).

The Scotsman on microfilm is held at the University Collections Facility (UCF). You can request the microfilm from the UCF via DiscoverEd and there are microfilm readers you can use in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) on 6th floor, Main Library.