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Scandinavian Studies

This guide provides a general introduction to Library and information resources for the study of Search tools, websites and gateways for Scandinavian studies.

Library Services Update

The web link below takes you to the up-to-date information about access to the Library collections, facilities and services, and how to get further help.


Main collections

The Main Library holds the physical collections for Scandinavian studies. 

Books that are classified in the Library of Congress (LC) scheme (e.g. PD1503 Tor.) are located on the 3rd floor (shelfmark P-Z). 

Older books that are classified in the Dewey decimal scheme are located in the University Collection Facility.

Bound, printed journals are located on the 4th floor. Back runs of some journals are stored in the University Collections Facility (UCF). Information on how to request material from UCF can be found in the list of useful links below.

Books and journals in Scandinavian languages

As of December 2022, DiscoverEd contains the following numbers of books and journals in Scandinavian languages:

Language Printed books E-books Printed journals E-journals Total
Swedish 7,318 225 119 170 7,832
Danish 3,550 3,841 103 255 7,749
Norwegian 3,317 101 65 245 3,728
Icelandic 2,175 188 77 744 3,184

Reference works (such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias and bibliographies) and DVDs are classified in the LC scheme and interfiled with the general LC lending stock on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Manuscripts, rare books and archives are held in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC). See information about CRC below.

Exam Papers

Other useful links:

HUB Collection

The High Use Books (HUB) collection, located on the ground floor of the Main Library, consists of HUB Reserve (3 hour loan) and HUB Short Loan (7 day loan) books as well as offprints (photo copies of course reading material).

Undergraduate course books on Reserve and Short Loan are located in this collection.

Centre for Research Collections

The Centre for Research Collections (CRC) houses the University Library’s Special Collections which include historical books, manuscripts, archives and microfilms that English Literature researchers and students may find useful. The main CRC facilities are on the 6th floor of the Main Library.

Sigfus Blondal Collection Located in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC), this is a collection of about 3,000 books, journals and pamphlets on Icelandic and Scandinavian studies.

Most material appears in the online catalogue. To browse the catalogue for items in this collection, select the Simple Search option and do the search by shelfmark. The sequence of shelfmarks for this collection ranges from LL.100.2.2 to LL.108.7.9.

How to find items in your reading list

Use DiscoverEd to search for books, journals, journal articles, DVDs and other physical and electronic items. Use your University Login to sign into your account and manage loans and requests.


Use Resource Lists to find your course reading lists. Lookup reading lists by list title, course title, course code, course instructors. Use the 'Subject' dropdown selection list to browse all the Resource Lists in your subject area such as 'English Literature' (displaying only the first 100 matching lists).

     Resource lists

     Information for Students

Please note that not all the courses at the University use Resource Lists.


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