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Newspapers, magazines and other news sources

Historical newspaper and magazine databases

Not sure what digital archive to use to search for historic newspaper and magazine articles? 

Don't worry, you can use this guide to identify appropriate databases by time period or country/region. 

If  appears next to a database this means off-campus access is only available to students and staff via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Historical newspaper & magazine databases by time period

Click on the relevant tab to find historical newspaper and magazine databases sorted by time period.

Some databases will be found on more than one tab.

Click here to access current news sources.

Historical newspaper & magazine databases by country or region

Click on the relevant tab to find the historical newspaper and magazine databases sorted by country or region.

Some databases will be found on more than one tab.

Click here to access current news sources.

Newspaper and magazine collections

Individual newspapers and magazines

Cross-searching historical newspaper & magazine databases

Many of the historical newspaper and magazine databases the Library has access to are from the same platforms or publishers.

In these cases there may be options for you to cross-search across multiple databases at one time.

Click on the tabs to find out more about the cross-search options available.

UK Press Online includes 3 million pages of 19th to 21st century British popular and tabloid newspapers. Titles include: Daily Mirror, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Church Times, The Watchman, Daily Worker, etc. 

You can cross-search across all titles included in their basic search. However, you can also cross-search across all titles, or a selection of titles or an individual title in their Advanced Search option.

The Library has access to a wide range of historical newspaper databases from Gale.

Gale's NewsVault allows you to cross-search all their historical newspaper databases we have access to using a single interface. You can also browse all newspapers published on the same date.

The Library has access to a large number of historical newspaper databases via ProQuest Historical Newspapers, as well as several magazine archives. 

ProQuest allows you to cross-search across all, or a selection of, the ProQuest databases the Library has access to.

Choose "Historical Newspapers" from the More drop-down menu above the search box to cross-search across all historical newspaper databases the Library has access to.

Or alternatively, click on "Databases" in the top menu to see a full list of databases and then tick/untick the boxes of the databases you do or don't want to search, this option allows you to also search their magazine databases.

Historical newspapers & magazines held in our Special Collections

Not all newspapers and magazines have been digitised, not all digital versions are complete, and for some purposes the physical version is preferable. Newspapers and magazines published before 1901, or which are otherwise rare, are held in Special Collections, mostly at the Centre for Research Collections on the 6th Floor of the Main Library.

Holdings include:

  • Scottish newspapers of the 18th and 19th centuries, some not held elsewhere (e.g. Edinburgh Evening Courant; Edinburgh Advertiser; Caledonian Mercury; Edinburgh Evening Chronicle; The Highlander).
  • London newspapers and journals, mostly in short runs (e.g. The Globe (1810-19); London Chronicle; Mirror of Parliament; The Star (1791-1809); The Sun (1798-1810)).
  • Literary magazines, and magazines for the general reader. (e.g. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine; Westminster Review; The Penny Magazine; The Saturday Magazine; The Dublin Penny Journal; The Christian’s Penny Magazine; Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine; Illustrated London News; Punch; The New Yorker).
  • Magazines and newspapers of British colonialism: (e.g. Kikuyu News; Beyruit Arabic Newspaper; British North Borneo Gazette; The Globe & Mail; The Canadian Gazette).
  • Politics and current affairs: Moscow News; The K-H News-Letter Service [Stephen King-Hall]; The British Gazette [General strike, 1926]; The British Worker Official Strike News Bulletin [1926]

Many of the newspapers and magazines held in Special Collections can be found through DiscoverEd. However, retrospective online cataloguing is not complete, and it is worth also checking the old catalogue (Guardbook), under the title of the publication.

Edinburgh University publications, including the originals of The Student (which have been partly digitised) can be found through the University Archives Online.

Newspaper indexes on microfilm

The Library has a small number of newspaper indexes available on microfilm. These are located at the University Collections Facility (UCF). You can request the microfilm from the UCF via DiscoverEd and there are microfilm readers you can use in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) on 6th floor, Main Library. 

The Financial Times 1981-2005
The Herald (Glasgow) 1949-67, 1971-78
The Independent 1994
The Scotsman 1987-89
The Times 1906-July 2013