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English Literature

This guide provides a general introduction to Library and information resources for the study of literature in English.

Plays, drama, and films on DVD or streaming for English Literature

Media Hopper Create - English Literature Section

Media Hopper Create

The English Literature Section of the University's Media Hopper Create contains more than 100 media including plays, drama, films, documentaries and educational TV programmes recordings which are to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence. Access is restricted to Edinburgh University members only.

Video resources in Media Hopper Create are not routinely indexed in Library's catalogue system DiscoverEd.


The Poetry Archive

The Poetry Archive is a not-for-profit organisation that produces, acquires and preserves recordings of poets reading their own work out loud. Substantial excerpts from these recording sessions are freely available online through this website and the Children's Poetry Archive.

Audio & video works in ProQuest One Literature

1,300 videos and 1,000 audio tracks of performances and author interviews.

View complete cast and production details for all recordings.

LHC Video Catalogue

The Languages and Humanities Centre (LHC) within the LLC School provides students and staff with access to a large catalogue of around 9,000 films and documentaries, including several hundred plays, drama, films and documentaries related to English literature which were recorded from rare BBC programmes for educational use under the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) license. LHC is located on the first floor of 50 George Square.

LHC Video Catalogue

The Video Catalogue, or VidCat, is a complete listing of all available videos, some of which are also available for streaming via the University's Media Hopper Create. VidCat can be accessed from MyEd staff and students portal. It is located under the Services tab (students) or Teaching and Research tab (staff). If you don't see it, you may need to manually add the channel.

VidCat can be searched by title, keyword, the name of the film director, language, or by media type such as 'documentary', 'animation', 'silent' or 'short' (for short films),

For example, keyword search for 'Shakespeare' will retrieve 80 videos of Shakespeare's plays, while keyword search for 'silent' will find 277 silent films (as of August 2020).

Academic Video Online

Academic Video Online is a multidisciplinary collection of videos that touches on the curriculum needs of virtually every department. With 66,000 titles available now and 400 new titles per month, this collection is unmatched in its breadth. Academic Video Online allows students and researchers alike to analyse unique and valuable content from over 500 producers and distributors around the world.

All individual videos are catalogued in DiscoverEd.

Examples of literature related channels in Academic Video Online:

And many more...

The National Theatre Collection