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Main Library Tour

Watch the student-led tour of the Main Library to help you discover the resources, services and facilities on offer.

LibSmart: Your library research starts here

Welcome to the LibSmart online course, developed with the aim of ensuring that every student is digitally capable in using online library resources for their study and research. All students have been automatically enrolled on this course, which is located in the 'Essentials' Section of Learn. You can choose to study all of the course, or just the one or two modules which are most relevant to you, at any point in the academic year. 

LibSmart I

Contains five modules that will take you step by step from starting to use the library to researching a topic for a report or essay.


LibSmart 1: Getting started with the libraryLibSmart 1: Your information landscapeLibSmart 1: Finding and retrievalLibSmart 1: Managing InformationLibSmart 1: Citation and referencing

LibSmart II

Aimed at Honours students and Postgraduates this will help you take the next steps to build the library landscape you need to undertake your dissertation, thesis or project research. You can also learn specialised or advanced digital search techniques and develop the skills to manage your research literature and data effectively.


LibSmart 2: Business informationLibSmart 2: data indfulness: your dissertaton dataLibSmart 2: Health informationLibSmart 2: Digital news sourcesLibSmart 2: Digital primary sources

The course is available on Learn in the Essentials section.