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Legal Information Skills

This guide is aimed at students who are new to finding legal information. It will take you through searching the Library resources, how to find your course readings, and also how to search key databases.


EdHelp - This service answers questions about the most frequently used student services, including anything related to the library. If you have a question you can either browse the information available on the webpages or ask a question using the contact form. You can also visit the EdHelp desks at the Main Library or any site library. 

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LibSmart - This course can help you develop your skills and improve the way you use the library. LibSmart I covers the foundations of searching, using the library and online resources, and LibSmart II offers ten subject specific modules you can pick and mix to suit your interests. We specifically have a module on Legal Information which you may find interesting! 


Contact us!

For further support you can contact use directly by emailing us at

We offer 30-minute appointments either online or in person to discuss research, databases or any library issues you have. Buoyancy aid life ring floats on a green sea.

Law Specific Resources


The Academic Support Librarians who support the School of Law have developed some specific resources to help you. We have linked to them in the other pages of this guide and highly recommend you have a look! 

Subject Guides: This is where we've collated all kinds of useful resources and information that we know will help you in your studies. It's a useful page to bookmark and refer back to! There are also links to further help and training within the Law Subject Guide. 

Law Databases page: We've created a helpful list of all the databases we think are most useful for the study of law here. This page also includes access information so if you are having trouble getting logged in, go there first. You can also find a full list of all databases we subscribe to via the Databases A-Z page

Law Librarians Media Hopper ChannelThis channel has recordings of training sessions and other informational videos to help you during your studies. They are all related to legal information and searching. If you have an idea about useful videos you'd like for us to make, please let us know. 

Next Steps

Your next steps are to click through to the final page in this guide and put all your newfound skills to the test in our quiz:Next page arrow

  1. Where to find and access resources
  2. Searching
  3. Referencing
  4. Further help and training
  5. Test yourself!