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Information Services

Legal Information Skills

This guide is aimed at students who are new to finding legal information. It will take you through searching the Library resources, how to find your course readings, and also how to search key databases.


View of the stairs in the Law Library from above. Hello and welcome to this short introduction to finding legal information and resources, created by your Law Librarians.

We will be looking at where to find information and also some practical skills such as searching on the databases.

We will finish with telling you where you can get help and advice.

The learning outcomes for this guide are that you will:  

  • Know the resources and tools where legal resources and course readings can be accessed
  • Know how to search for required material in the key resources
  • Understand the importance and basic principles of referencing
  • Know where to get help and further training


Next Steps

Your next steps are to go through each section of this guide to find out where and how to search, learn how to reference and see where you can get help and further training:Next page arrow

  1. Where to find and access resources
  2. Searching
  3. Referencing
  4. Further help and training
  5. Test yourself!